Stepping into a new role as Chief Engineer at my church (Solid Rock Christian Church) in Manassas, VA one Sunday morning, I decided to browse the website.  While looking around I wasn’t too impressed with what was on the website.  From the layout to the color scheme, I said to myself “I can do better than this”.  Feeling as though the church deserved a better media representation; that’s exactly what I set out to give them.   Already having an IT background in Network Security & other fields, I decided to dip into another area that would bring in some extra revenue (apart from my regular 9-5).  I have many skills & traits in my background (Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Audio Engineer, etc.), but my current profession is Armed SPO (Special Police Officer).  Though this is my current field of employment, I continue to take courses to further my education in the field of IT.

When it comes to performing work and solving problems for my clients, this is really THE area that I take pride in the most.  I’ve either redesigned or created a website from their visions; for each of these clients.  From my first client, to the next, and the ones to follow; they all state that I’ve exceeded their expectations, but are most impressed with my dedication to competitive pricing ratio.  This simply means that they’re receiving GREAT WORK, a GREAT PRODUCT, & for a GREAT PRICE.

Since redesigning the website for Solid Rock Christian Church, I’ve acquired every client thereafter through word of mouth.  

What excites me the most about the work I’m performing for each of my clients is being able to show them that “you really can get great service for a great price; you don’t have to empty your bank account to do it”. 


“If I can leave people with anything, it’s that with Designs By AJD you’re not buying a service; you’re making a valuable investment in the success of your dreams.”